Garima Bharadwaj

Co-Founder of Enlite | Proptech

Garima is the co-founder and CTO of Enlite, at the forefront of driving technological innovation in the realm of sustainable building management.
Her role in Enlite is pivotal in the creation and development of the Know Your Building™️ product, a testament to her commitment to crafting solutions that foster a sustainable built environment. This product stands as a cornerstone in Enlite's mission, integrating advanced digitization and automation to transform how buildings are managed, ensuring they are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Prior to her current role at Enlite, Garima's journey included significant contributions to high-growth startups. Her tenure as one of the founding members of OYO and The Moms Co. was marked by strategic leadership and operational excellence, experiences that honed her skills in scaling businesses and managing complex projects while growing them zero to one.